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Mar 26, 2009
:wave: Hello.

I hope you dont mind me waffling a bit here, I just wanted to share the story of the last few weeks with you. Before I do, I shall put it into a bit of a better context.

I had my first smear test at age 19,(12 years ago) and this came back as slight changes. I atteneded at the colposcoy clinic and a spot biospy was taken. This came back as mild and nothing that needed treating at that stage. was kept an eye on and then returned to 3 yearly smears.

I had a dodgy smear 2 years ago, and was sent for colposcopy. They again took a spot biopsy and I was told it was ok to be left, but to go back for another colposcopy in 6 months. I didnt. No excuses, life just took over as it does when you have kids / working full time / studying etc.

So, 4 weeks ago I went for a smear. At the time of taking the smear, my practice nurse told me that she was 'very worried' as my cervix looked 'quite unhealthy'. However, I have had a cervical suture put in place during pregnancies due to multiple mid and late term losses. I just thought that this was why it looked unhealthy!

last week (3 weeks after smear) I get a letter from the hospital saying they wanted to see me in 4 days. I go into panic mode, had not had results of smear, was told that would take 6 weeks to come back, and I had never been seen this quickly before. So i dutifully and anxiously trotted off to the hospital yesterday.

When I arrived the consultant was there and she told me that they were going to have a look and then carry out a loop excision (leep thingie) of the cervix. I was very suprprused at this as I had thought it would just be an exam. Anyway, they spent about 15 minutes looping bits away with the machine. Was not painful, and am ok so far (fingers crossed!). Just felt so very unprepared / uninformed about what was happening.

Have got to wait 3 - 4 weeks for the biopsy results now. I am pretty sure that that will be the end of it though You can not help but worry. My problems are situated at the very top of the cervix, and are often misssed on smears due to the location. I am now to go to the hospital so they can ensure they get this area when they are carried out. Also, they looped that bit so the results in a few weeks will tell the full story I am sure. They took loads of photos of my cervix as aparently it was a full story initself, had had loads going on in its 31 year life time, and would make great training material! whoopee - just I wanted to be hearing at the time :dizzy: .

Thank you ladies for sharing your storys - they offer strength to many people I am sure. :)
Re: Hello
Mar 27, 2009
Hi. Thanks fro your reply.

They only gave me local anasthetic and that was all fine - just hurt when they put it in but was fine afterwards.

I am sure I will get more info when I get the biopsy results back in a few weeks. Have decided to stay off work today as am bleeding quite a lot now. Could have gone in I suppose but thought I would take one more day. Just hope I dont get into trouble for it!.

I will get the results back in a few weeks so I shall be a lot more prepared then and will go in with a fistfull of questions!. I have been having a look around and it does appear that they are using leep more and more during initial colposcopy. At least they appear to be in the UK.

Take care now x

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