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Re: Hello
Mar 26, 2009
[QUOTE=glitzybee;3933888]No, the letter did not tell me. It was just an appointment letter asking me to come at 10am. From what I have read this morning, it is becoming more and more common to go straight for a leep before spot biopsy even, but was a shock to me. Having had a colp in the past I though it was just going to be a quick look around as they usually are and maybe a spot biopsy at the most. No warning about the leep until I got there. Would have been nice to have a little notice so that I could have organised work / childcare etc a little better.[/QUOTE]


So you show up, and they inform you, "BTW, we're going to cut off pieces of your cervix today." I would have refused!!!!!!!

They need to tell you so you can prepare! And think about any questions you might have! They can't just spring it on you! Talk about COMPLETELY taking the patient out of the medical care. You have a right to make your own decisions, and springing it on you doesn't allow you time to think!!!!!

Also, I am quite concerned that they went straight to LEEP without a biopsy. It's possible that your pap smear results said you had high grade cell changes, but it's really impossible to know without a biopsy! If your pap said high grade, then the biopsy would probably also say high grade, but they need to biopsy it for sure! Also, you might have some high grade places and some low grade, and doing the biopsy will help to tell what areas need to be removed and if some are okay to just leave alone.

You'd probably would have the procedure anyway, but STILL. This is RIDICULOUS. Don't ever let anyone do something like this to you again!!!

I swear the more I hear about nationalized health care it makes me so thankful I don't have it!

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