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Thank you ladies, for responding, for the support and for the hugs! :wave:
I think mine is a success story and I hope it helps others.
There seems to be quite a number of women who have had abnormal pap smears.
A big fear is that it will develop into, or turn out to be cancer. It's natural to worry, but this is so beatable!

I am 42, and knew something was wrong in May 2008, because I started bleeding between periods, and after sex. I had blood tests, an internal ultrasound and a pap smear that came back abnormal. That's how it all began.

JessicainCanada Best of luck with your surgery! I recovered very quickly from mine, but I did try to do too much, too soon. If your surgery is to be abdominal - please take [U]extra[/U] care.
May I ask how old you are? I hope you have family or friends to help when you come home. Do you know how long you'll be in hospital? Try to make them tell you what to expect afterwards as well. Health professionals don't like to scare us, but I was more than surprised when my genitals suddenly swelled up huge and grotesque a few days after surgery! I thought I was going to need reconstructive surgery! I was laughing when I described it to friends, but was relieved when the swelling went down a few days later.
I know you'll need to walk as soon as possible, but really don't do anything too physical. Organize photo albums? Spend time on the computer? Maybe the weather will be great and you can be outside. Buy a bunch of $4.99 paperback novels from Zellers? (Haha, I ship these across Canada and Prince George sells a lot!)

Avery B I haven't seen much info on here, (or anywhere) about adenosquamous. I kept thinking, "How can it be rare if [U]I[/U] have it?". How are you feeling? Its ok to vent a bit if it helps at all. Are you in the U.S.?
There are different types of Brachytherapy. I had high dose. Treatment only took about 10 minutes but it takes longer to "get set-up" for it. Since my cervix is gone, the applicator was just inserted into my vagina.
They used some type of X ray to ensure it was in correct position, then they fed wires into the tube that sent the radiation into me.
I think it's more complicated if the radiation is going right into a cervix. I never actually got to see the tube that went inside me - wonder if they purposely hid it, lol. I let them know it hurt going in the second time, so the third time they used a smaller tube. There were about 6 staff helping to get me ready. One of them told me about low dose rate where patients are in hospital for 2 days. That's a long time to lie still. Is that what you might have Avery? I wonder if you'll get a choice.
If, or when you feel comfortable sharing, you can let us know your age and about your diagnosis. Some members on here have researched a lot and have great advice.

I am feeling better everyday.....but still not looking forward to the dilator! :eek:

Take care of yourselves everyone!

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