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I had a colposcopy done in early March the results are in and my gyn called to tell me I was at a level 3 and a level 4 was cancer so he setup a cone biospy on April 3 I received a call yeasterday 03/26 to tell me that the surgery has been cancelled due to my insurance, my insurance stinks and they will not give prior auth to use a out of network provider which I have already had to pay several hundreds of dollars out of pocket to keep seeing or for the hospital I would be having sugery at, and my doctor can not travel to the nearest hospital that my insurance covers due to it is a 80 mile distance. I have called the only doctor that is a provider with my insurance and told them the problem I was having and the first appt they can give me was possibley the end of May or beginning of June what are the chances that I will be at a level 4 by then!!!!!!!!!!!
Did the Dr. tell you why it has developed? Is it HPV related?
Most cervical abnormalities take awhile to develop and then magically show up all on their own when we least expect them (like we'd ever EXPECT something like this).

Bloody stinks about your insurance. Did the Dr. tell you anything about the "type" of abnormality found? There are a list of different ones, like carcinoma versus adenocarinoma, etc.. if you have that info you can start trying to find out more info.

Can you talk to your original Dr about actually doing a referral to the one that takes your insurance. Sometimes that can get the ball rolling much faster since its one medical person to another (not always - but you may get lucky) if your current Dr. feels there is a necessity (and I don't see why they wouldn't - since they recommended a cone right away)!!!

Btw - DO get copies of all your pathologies and not just listen to a Dr. over the phone. You'll feel better for it!
Hi there -- I agree with Luvbug, try having your current doc get you the appointment with the one that is covered by your insurance, and that should speed things up. Also, is there some type of appeal process to your insurance, where you can fight to try to have your other doc covered? Unfortunately no one can say for certain what could happen between now and the time of your surgery, although as Luvbug says, these things do tend to develop slowly, but there's no sense in taking any more risk than you have to. Good luck with getting this moved up, and keep us posted on how you are doing!!
The other ladies have give you great advice.

You are at Stage 3 or 4 cancer? Which type? Carcinoma (squamous cell) or Adenocarcinoma (glandular cell)? Oh my!!! Or is it that you are at CIN III? There is a huge difference.

How was this diagnosed?
Actually, unless you have invasive cancer already I take it you have CIN3 because CIN does not go from 1 to 4. I'm taking it that you have CIN because once you get to the next level after CIN3 then this would be invasive cancer however the grading does not work like that. It goes from CIN1, 2 and 3 to Grade 0 to 5 once it becomes invasive. Actually a CIN3 and a Grade 0 (in situ) are one and the same.

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