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Try to relax. First of all, 7 mm is not really all that thick. Usually they consider 1 cm to be an indication for uterine hyperplasia, this condition of a thickened lining MAY and I say MAY be a precursor to uterine cancer. Most often what happens is that postmenopausal women will have irregular bleeding (this includes bleeding from intercourse) and they may have to have a D & C. What usually happens after this is that the D & C takes care of the problem. My mother had this occur to her after menopause.

My irregular bleeding was due to long term use of the pill and when I stopped the pill, the irregular bleeding stopped too. The pill had thinned my lining so much that it became fragile and formed varicose like veins which began to bleed. Unfortunately, they also found a very large cyst on my left ovary at that time which I will have to have removed at the end of April. The cyst is filled only with fluid and I have been watching it for over 18 months. It has grown very little since then and they are almost 100% sure that it is not cancerous (although only a biopsy can tell 100%). Since the cyst is now almost 9 cm in diameter, it is taking up a lot of space and shifting my bladder and uterus to the right. It is definitely time to take it out while I can still get it done through a laparoscopy (quicker recovery). The surgeon will remove my left ovary, leaving the right one to provide me with the hormones that I require.

For your endometrial biopsy, I would recommend that you take one or two Advil (ibuprofen) about an hour before, if you can take this medication (ie. not allergic). Check it with your doctor first of course. This will completely negate any cramps that you may have afterwards. Also, keep in mind that you may have some bleeding after the procedure and that this is completely normal. The procedure is fast and essentially what happens is that the doctor inserts a "straw" into your uterus which he twirls around in order to suck out some uterine lining tissue.

Although you probably don't have uterine cancer, if it is any consolation to you, the most common form of uterine cancer moves very very slowly and I believe that it spreads to the cervix first. Most likely you have what is called DUB, or dysfunctional uterine bleeding. A diagnosis of DUB is made by exclusion meaning testing negative for all other causes. Many women never find the cause of their bleeding and some prefer to have a hysterectomy. This is something you will have to discuss with your doctor as a hysterectomy is not without some risks (the uterus provides pelvic floor support to the other organs such as the bladder).

I hope this helps you. Don't let your fears control your thinking but rather your thinking should be controlling your fears. Take charge. I am sure that you will be fine. Let us know how the endometrial biopsy goes.

Oh, and by the way, a freckle is most often just a freckle. Get it checked out but don't freak out over it. As we age we start to sprout all sorts of freckles, skin tags and such and if we went crazy over every little thing they would have to come and haul us away in a white van. Just get the skin doctor to have a look at it, that's all (he will know better than a gynecologist). I still remember when I started getting these dark red freckles on my breasts (I have two of them there and a couple of others elsewhere) .. I freaked out and went to the doctor's only to be told that these are very common and not at all harmful. When I happened to mention it to my parents, they just laughed and showed me that they had some too. I guess now I know where I get them from.

All the best to you.

Hi Everyone,.

Well i had my endemetrial biopsy last thursday and i did take estria advise and took 3 advil before i went. I also had to take a xanex since i suffer from anxiety. It did hurt a lot but i got thru it ok. He also did see a red spot on my cervix which he said was bleeding a little so he took a biopsy of that also. I should know something in 10 days. I was somewhat concerned though because i have been spotting since the procedure. It finally seems to have stopped today (4/8/2009). I did call the dr yesterday and asked him if this was normal and he said it was. I was also concerned because for 2 days i was getting stomach pain on and off (upper abdomen). the dr said this had nothing to do with the procedure so i have no idea what could be happening now.
Can u believe i am waiting on 6 test results? I am a little nervouse about this. what are the chances they will all be normal? I am waitinbg for biopsies for 2 moles, paps test result, biopsy of cervix and 2 biopsies of uteruse. I also have to go for my mammo.
I want to thank all of you again for all your advise and for listening to me.


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