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Hi Everyone,.

Well i had my endemetrial biopsy last thursday and i did take estria advise and took 3 advil before i went. I also had to take a xanex since i suffer from anxiety. It did hurt a lot but i got thru it ok. He also did see a red spot on my cervix which he said was bleeding a little so he took a biopsy of that also. I should know something in 10 days. I was somewhat concerned though because i have been spotting since the procedure. It finally seems to have stopped today (4/8/2009). I did call the dr yesterday and asked him if this was normal and he said it was. I was also concerned because for 2 days i was getting stomach pain on and off (upper abdomen). the dr said this had nothing to do with the procedure so i have no idea what could be happening now.
Can u believe i am waiting on 6 test results? I am a little nervouse about this. what are the chances they will all be normal? I am waitinbg for biopsies for 2 moles, paps test result, biopsy of cervix and 2 biopsies of uteruse. I also have to go for my mammo.
I want to thank all of you again for all your advise and for listening to me.


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