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Hi Estria:

I got the test results back today. Actually the Dr called my cell and left a message and I called him back. He said the biopsy of cervix came back negative. The endormetrial biopsy came back showing a benign polyp in the uterus. He said he wants me to go in to have a procedure done where they go in and look at the uterus and remove the polyp. He said this may be causing my bleeding but he said it is strange I only bleed during intercourse so he is not sure if it is the polyp. Now I am back to being confused and i feel like I am back to square one.
Also yesterday i ended up in the emergency room as i was having a lot of kidney pain. It turns out I have another kidney stone. I dont know if you remember but when i previously had a cat scan to determine why i have blood in my urine it was found that I have a large stone in my right kidney , size (1cm) which I am told will have to be blasted. I didnt go for that procedure because of this other problem with bleeding. Also I felt the stone was not going to go anywhere therefore i felt my priorty was finding out why i was bleeding during/after intercourse. I seem to be having a lot of problem in that area.. sometimes i wonder if it is all related?
Anyway, they did find anotehr small stone (1mm )in my ureter which was causing the pain. I was told i should be able to pass it. They did another cat scan and now i have to go back to the urologist. So now I am facing 2 procedures needing to be done... one for the kidney and one for the uterus.
My boyfriend says he is having a hard time keeping all my drs and procedures So am I... :-(

Has anyone here had uterine polyps and did you bleed from it? did you need a hysterectomy? Also can they become cancerous? Is it safe to wait before having it removed? the dr. didnt seem to think it was urgent but I cant handle this bleeding. Also why am I only bleeding during sex? Well actually the last time I bled (very heavily) it was during foreplay.. there was no penetration. I has been about 3 weeks now since i have bled but then again i have avoided intimacy also.

My dermatoligist also called me to say the moles were negative for skin cancer.
I feel guilty worrying about my health when i just learned from my son that his dad was just operated on and had a lung removed due to lung cancer. They found a tumor the size of a golf ball in his lung.. I feel so bad for him but I must say he has a very positive attitude. he was operated on 2 days ago and now i hear he is home already..I wish I had his positive attitude.

Thanks again for all your advise. I will keep you posted and please if anyone had uterine polyps please share your experience with me..


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