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I wouldn't wait to July either. I'd get another opinion from a different dr if possible. there are certain types of cervical cancer that grow at an alarming speed but usually they are very slow growing. but we must also remember that pap tests are only SCREENING methods and can not be relied on 100%.

If there are precancerous cells showing up, then it has to be looked at now rather than later. A cone biopsy works great! because they're able to get a deep portion of cervix.
My sisters pap test came back abnormal, was told to wait a few weeks or months and have a repeat, that one came back abnormal again, had the colposcopy, was sent to the hospt. to have a cone biopsy and her dr. told me out in the waiting room while my sister was in recovery that the sample looked absolutely not threatening and felt that she has no cancer.
well guess what? she was WRONG!
the cone biopsy was sent to the pathology and upon later contact, it was positive for cancer.
she had to have a full hysterectomy. thank Goodness it wasn't invasive cancer, which meant it hadn't spread to near by organs, and the dr. DID say there are two types of cervical cancer, one form being very aggressive, and the other one slow growing.

It's just my personal feeling that I would go to a different dr. since this one doesnt' seem to be taking it too seriously.

Good luck and hope everything comes out clear for you.


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