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Sorry about not updating sooner. So, I went to the gynocologist yesterday and here's what happened:

I got a pap smear, with an HPV test, a pelvic exam and a breast exam. I than got sent to some other place, to get a Transvaginal Ultrasound, Pelvic Sonogram(?) or ultrasound, and an ultrasound of my kidneys. I also got some blood work done, but he didnt want to do a C-125 blood test.

I get my results by Wednesday or Thursday.

To stop the bleeding, he put my on Loestrin24FE; which is a birth control pill. But, I contacted my family doctor and he told me not to take the birth control pills because I have uncontrolled high blood pressure. (On Monday, he will prescribe another High Blood Pruessure pill or pills to me.)

Currently, I am exercising on a daily basis and I have always ate healthy. However, I am going to start watching my salk intake now.

In any case, I have had to cancel apts.; which is why it took me so long to update.

I actually see the Gastro. on the 22nd. So, I guess time will only tell. (As soon as I get the results in and see the gyno again, I will update. etc)

But, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

Good luck to everyone and be safe.

Take care...


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