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Timber is right on the money. Usually ultrasounds are better at visualising ovarian cysts as they are better able to see what they contain (fluid, blood, mucous, tissue etc..). Usually a simple (fluid filled), thin walled cyst without septations (divisions) that is 5 cms or less and on one ovary will most likely go away on its own as it is probably a normal functional cyst. Cysts that are greater than 5 cms and that have solid components (ie. complex cysts) should really be biopsied to be sure, although most of these are also benign.

What a radiologist sees on the ultrasound is actually better at predicting cancer (or not) than the CA-125 blood test. The radiologist's opinion has about a 90% predictive value and the CA-125 is somewhere in the 80% range. I am not sure what the two together would give you but I assume that this would give even more reassurance. Radiologists have become extremely good at seeing cancer so you should take heart in this. However, as Timber said, to be 100% sure, you have to biopsy it and look at the cells under a microscope.

I myself have a 9 cm simple cyst that is to be removed at the end of the month by laparoscopy. Although I am reassured that all of the radiologists that have looked at the cyst say that it is harmless (they seem super sure), I will still be glad when they biopsy my left ovary and tell me FOR SURE with 100% certainty that all is well.

Hope this helps.


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