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This is my first time to be on this message board, so "Hello" first.

Here's my history: Last August 2008, I went for my regular exam. Aside from the typical UTI's and yeast infections, I've never had any problems. I don't have a history of cervical cancer in my family. In fact, I've only had one uncle on my mom's side who ever had cancer (colon, passed away in 1988). Granted, I do have other family disorders like epilepsy, diabetes, high cholesteral, etc. I was shocked that my pap came back with dysplasia (CIN1 and 2). After the colpo, I ended up having a cone biopsy. I had been hoping for a LEEP or cryo, but she said a cone was the best way to determine if all the problem cells had been removed with a clear boundry. I had the cone biopsy done October 21st. I asked my ob/gyn after the surgery if "they got all the bad cells". And, she said she did. She also told me that I could not be reinfected by the same strand of HPV again.

So then on February 23rd, I had my first post pap. It came back showing LGSIL. I spoke to another doctor and then a pathologist. Ultimately, my pathologist said things were okay and that things would clear up. But, I don't understand why this happened. There just isn't much out there in information. My doctor says that we will redo the pap in 3 months like we had been planning for the rest of the year. But, that it could also proceed to the colpo. I am really confused. What is going on?

Thanks for everything....

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