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Hi Everyone.

This is my first post here and I'm just entering this journey and looking for some feedback.

I am 25 years old and have had regular paps every year for the last ten years and have never had an abnormal one. I have had STD testing before as a precaution and have never tested positive for any STD. I have had two vaginal births without complications and had an IUD (Mirena) inserted March 23, 2008 at 8 weeks post-partum after a normal pap.

Over the last year, I have experienced severe pain during intercourse - this had never been a problem for me before. By severe I mean - push my husband away from me and clutch myself in pain and tears. I assumed that this was due to healing after delivery or the IUD or hormones or similar. I have experienced bleeding for weeks at a time as well as bleeding after intercourse. Again, I foolishly thought that this was due to the IUD or post partum or hormonal changes. I have also experienced a change in discharge - it will be pinkish or brownish and consisitency varies. Again, attributed it to events in the last year.

I had my pap on 3/18 and addressed these concerns with my OB/GYN. He did the pap and discussed these issues with me and examined me. He noted that he didn't find anything obvious that would cause these symptoms and said that we should see how the pap comes back. If it comes back normal and these symptoms persist, we can schedule an ultrasound to see what's up.

Well, lo and behold, my pap came back as abnormal - HGSIL. I have a colpo/biopsy scheduled for this thursday and I am TERRIFIED.

Does anyone have any input on these symptoms and HGSIL and/or cervical cancer? I know that I will get more info after the pathology comes back, but waiting is KILLING me - I can't focus at work, I'm not sleeping and I keep looking at my family and wondering if we're about to enter a wild ride. I feel so foolish for blowing off these symptoms or rolling them up into "post partum" or hormonal.

Any feedback would be so greatly appreciated!
Hey Jennifer. Sorry you are going through this, but you definitely have come to the right place! The ladies on this board are cervical issues experts!!!

Painful intercourse is definitely a sign of cervical cancer or precancerous changes on your cervix. Then again, lots of other thigns could cause painful intercouse . . . it might be youd IUD, too!

Cervical cancer is usually very slow progressing, and if you've been getting regular paps every year, it would be extremely unlikely for you to have cervical cancer! That being said, I'm 26 and was diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma in situ, which is precancer or stage 0 cancer depending on who you ask. You definitely need to follow up on this, and you are totally right to be concerned. BUT I must emphasize that cervical abnormalities are usually very easily treatable!!

HGSIL on you pap smear isn't really a good result, but it's not really that bad either. The pap is a screening tool, the biopsies will tell you exactly what's wrong. HGSIL usually corresponds to moderate or severe dysplasia, CIN 2 or 3.

Mild dysplasia, CIN 1, is usually not treated. Most CIN 1 cases resolve on their own. With CIN 2 or 3, things are a little more advanced. They have a small (5 and 25% chance) of becoming cancer eventually (like in 10 years). With CIN 2 and 3, the doctors usually recommend removing the bad cells to prevent them from becoming cancer.

Good luck!
Try not to be terrified. Abnormal paps are very common and quite easy to treat. The waiting is the worst part of the entire process (as you've already learned!).

It's highly unlikely that you have developed invasive cervical cancer in the last year. Most likely your biopsy will show that you just have cervical dysplasia (pre-cancer) to some degree, and if it is moderate or severe it will require treatment. Treatment typically involves a LEEP procedure which is a quick and simple way to remove the precancerous cells. And, yes, pain and bleeding can be a symptom of dysplasia.

Many of us on this board have been where you are and lived to tell the story! It's all very annoying and distracting, but exceedingly unlikely to be life threatening. Let us know how your appointment goes.
Hi Jennifer,
I am 27 years old, not married, no baby and plan to have one in my future.
On Apr 6, the day I will remember for the rest of my life, my pap smear result came back showing abnormal cells found--Moderate squamous dyskaryosis. The dr. told me it can be potential to become cervix cancer. He arranged me an appointment for colposcopic exam on May 14.

I havent slept well or eat well since then. I am so scared of it. I know I cannot be like this, but I am sooooo stressful. I didnt let my parents know this bad news, cos I am afraid they will be more worried for me than I do. and this cannot help me at all.

Now the only thing I can do is trying to put my concentration on other things. Try to sleep early, get up early ,eat healthy, and take exercises.
But would this be enough to save my life? I mean, I know it wont be that serious to kill me , but I am more afraid of losing the ability to have kids.
My bf knew about it, and he didnt say anything about our future. I guess he will just leave me if I canot have kids.

I am a single girl in my family, I really wish I can have a kid some time in my future.
I just want to be a normal woman.

Anxiety almost kill me these days. I need sleeping pills to get into sleep every single day.
I think I might lose my job soon, I totally canot concentrate on work now.

Is there any expert here can tell me how accurate the pap smear result would be?
It now shows moderate squamous dyskaryosis, but I am afraid the colposcopic result to be more serious. sooooooo afraid and nervous...

By the way, I dont have any symptoms like pain, or bleeding.
Also, can Pap smear tell me about the HPV positive or negative?

Thank you very much ladies, any help will be much appreciated!!!!!!
Lily, Timber and Mysmallwhite, thank you for your responses. Your support means a lot. I know that everyone is different but that doesn't mean that your small mountain doesn't feel like Everest sometimes!!!

mysmallwhite, I am curious why your doctor is delaying your colpo until May 14? When mine called to let me know that I needed one, they told me that I needed to be seen ASAP and gave me their next available appointment. I had to postpone that due to an unruly period starting early, hence mine being the day after tomorrow. If you are concerned, please call them and ask to be moved up - your mental health (and job) are worth them seeing you sooner. You are a normal woman - none of us here are abnormal women! I am not an expert but I do know that the pap will NOT tell you if you have HPV - you need separate testing for that. The pap is a screening tool and therefore can be inaccurate. Believe me I know that this is hard, but you really won't know anything conclusive until your pathology is returned from a biopsy, if they do one. They may not even need to but you should ask for one or an ECC if you are concerned.

Again, thanks for the feedback - I hope to hear about other experiences with this as well.
[QUOTE=mysmallwhite;3955625]my pap smear result came back showing abnormal cells found--Moderate squamous dyskaryosis. The dr. told me it can be potential to become cervix cancer. [/QUOTE]

I think what your doctor should have said is that it has the potential to become cervical cancer [I]if not treated[/I]!! If you go to all your follow ups, the chance of actually getting cancer is really, really low!

The biopsy will tell you whether the cells look bad enough that the doctor wants to remove them. Otherwise, you will just be watched closely. Don't worry, you will not get cancer.
Thank you Lily and Jennifer!!!!
Really appreciate it.
I have called the hospital trying to change the appointment date.
They havent call me back yet.
I will keep update my situation.
Thank you sooooo much again
I just wanted to post that taking a good multi-vitamin and eating lots of green veggies can really help. I am also taking Beta Glucan and indol-3-carbinol as those have been shown to help the immune system. I know I felt better once I knew there was something I could do to help my body fight this off.
Thank you for shareing.
I am taking multi-vitamins everyday and doing exercises as well.
try to get myslef strong to kill the HPV!!!
Hi, I'm sorry you have having to sit through the waiting game. It isn't easy.

I'm glad your doctor is moving ahead and running tests. The bleeding could be something as simple as the IUD or your body still adjusting after having the baby. It is also possible something else is going on. Your doctor is prudent to investigate further.

I suggest when you go for your colposcopy that you ask your doctor for an ECC (endocervical curettage). It is the only non-surgical way a doctor can sample the cervical canal. The cells in the canal are different from the ones that are swabbed during a pap.

Ask whatever questions you can think of. We'll do our best to help!
[QUOTE=Pickle Eyes;3956068]I'm glad your doctor is moving ahead and running tests. The bleeding could be something as simple as the IUD or your body still adjusting after having the baby. It is also possible something else is going on. Your doctor is prudent to investigate further.

Thank you for your feedback! I must say... after spending a LOT of time pouring over this board for the last two days, it seems like I am lucky to have the GYN that I do. He is an extremely disarming man who is very patient and never minimizes my feelings. I've been with him since January of 2006 and he is amazing! In January of '08 I found a lump when I was 6 days post-partum and he sent me to a breast surgeon, no questions asked. I had a tumor removed and biopsied and thank goodness it was benign but he didn't flinch.

Anyway, I will ask about the ECC. I do know that they are already planning on a biopsy "due to the pap results" ...whatever that means. Are there more forms of a biopsy in this situation than just the ECC?
Typically, the biopsies are little pieces of tissue taken from the bottom of the cervix, whereas the ECC samples cells within the canal -- it's more of a scraping I think.
when a colposopy is done, any suspicious areas are also biopsied by using a method called a punch biopsy, a very small piece of tissue (was told its about the size of a grain of rise) is taken as a tissue sample..

suspicious areas are found by brushing the cervix with an acetic acid solution (white vinegar). It makes lesions and other areas of abnormalities stand out more.
Hmmm... sounds lovely. I can't wait!!! ;)
The ECC is like a pap, but it is up into the cervical canal. Your description is pretty right on . . . "lovely" NOT! I won't lie. It was uncomfortable. I knew it wouldn't be uncomfortable, but it wasn't what I expected. I also think I was holding my breath and was so very anxious (and never told the doctor that).

The scraping too longer than a pap (I think), but not significantly longer. I took 2 ibuprofen before the appointment and I took 2 more at whatever the correct re-dosing interval was. I took the day off. I didn't "need" to, but I was so shaken up and anxious that I didn't think I could go back and teach a bunch of 12 year olds after the colpo and ECC.

I am so very, very, VERY glad my doctor did the ECC. If she hadn't, we (my doctors and I) still wouldn't know that I had cancer. Now, I am 10 months post op (and 12 months post diagnosis) and my prognosis is GREAT! My doctor expects to put me back to annual exams when I go back for my 1 year postop in July.

This is difficult. I am just eternally grateful that the internet is here so we can connect with each other and share experiences, suggestions, and compassion.


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