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I have a colposcopy and biopsy scheduled for tomorrow and I will be asking about an ECC since my pap was returned with possible HGSIL. I am very nervous and worried, perhaps unnecessarily, but I tend to be a worrier anyway.

My concern is this... my orginal appointment was rescheduled due to my period starting. My period stopped last Friday and I am having severe cramps. I have zero spotting right now, but the cramping is really intense. Occasionally when I stand, I will feel pinching or stretching pain but it does not feel like muscular pain - it feels like it is happening in my reproductive area in general. It is not a sharp pain but it is intensely painful when it happens to the degree that I will yell out if it catches me off guard. In the interest of background, I have always had cramps and they have been severe on a handful of occasions. Typically I would cramp during my period but sometimes about a week before. I have never cramped after. I know that I don't have a UTI/Kidney Infection although I have had about six in the last eighteen months with no leads on why. This pain and cramping started at the beginning of my period, 4/7/09.

So... I am wondering if I am just worrying myself sick and creating phantom pain or if this is something to address with my doctor. This might sound silly but I just don't want to sound like a basket case and not be taken seriously. I must say that I have an amazing doctor and I have never felt diminished by him but I just don't know whether or not this pain is related. If it is not, I'd rather focus on the matter at hand.

I know that HGSIL on a pap is inconclusive and even if it is an accurate screen that HGSIL does not necessarily mean cancer. I'm just really scared and being in pain along with fear is not a fun place to be.

I hope someone has some experience or insight to offer... thank you in advance!!!



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