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I don't know what is true for you, but :blushing: I tend toward constipated and when things aren't going well, I get some really bad abdominal cramps. It was really bad about 2 years ago until my doctor and I started trying to figure out where my abdominal cramping was coming from. By the way, *I* figured it out as constipation, not her! Some of the cramping were quite centrally located (over my uterus or over my left ovary). I don't know how or why, but that is how it felt.

I strongly suggest you take a written list of questions to your appointment. Have your top concerns listed first, then your questions. I do this. My doctor can glance over my concerns, so she can pace the appointment to hit the high points (and clump the problems because she may suspect things are connected, that I may not connect). Leave room for writing answers.

Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how you are doing!
Oh, Pickle... thank you! Your comment made me laugh. To say that I tend toward constipated is an understatement. My husband does his business like clockwork, every morning, conveniently right before I get in the shower. How kind! I, on the other hand, can go days without the slightest hint of bm, but I'm not much of a cramper in that way. Menstral cramps, sure but not so much in my bowels. I had two very severe intestinal infections last year that left me on weeks long doses of strong antibiotics but still no cramping. So it is entirely possible but I think my body is just reacting to my mental state in the area where my concern is concentrated, and my bowels happen to be right next door. I'm glad we're all shameless enough to share!!! :)

And Zoe... thank you so much to you as well and I appreciate the encouragement. I feel so sheepish which is not me at all. I am normally a very assertive, sometimes even eloquent person and I find that my thoughts and words are failing me and I'm afraid to go in with a bout of verbal diarrhea and then burst into tears. Oh my poor husband... I have a feeling that we might laugh about this in years to come.

I'll begin with my list now... I have been pouring over so many different internet and other resources these last few days that suddenly my mind is blank and my thoughts escape me - do you have any suggestions on questions or do you mind sharing what you asked?

Thank you!!!

Let me start by saying questions your doctor will likely not be able to answer are: how long have I had this? who gave it to me? what will happen (crystal ball) to me?

Ask about your specific diagnosis. If you have a pathology report, ask about what was biopsied, how, why, what the results mean.

Ask about what the next step is. Ask about alternatives, biopsies, surgeries, supplements, etc

Tell your doctor what your wishes are (treatment wise, like want a hyst? want to maintain fertility? etc).

Ask where you can get more information. Ask if/when you can call your doctor's office if you have questions and who you will likely speak with (nurse, doctor, etc).

That is a summarized list of what I usually took with me. Know that the doctor most likely won't be able to answer all of your questions. Put the most pressing ones at the top. If you have several things you want to address (cramping, dysplasia, pathology reports) then make a short list at the top of your list of questions.

I hope that helps!

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