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I am doing okay tonight... more waiting but I have some distraction. I must say that I am really surprised that the pain is as bad as it is. I tend to have a decent pain threshold but I am just sore... I think from the speculum, not the biopsies. That's the longest I've had a speculum in and I know that the LEEP will be longer - he told me that he anticipates it being 15-20 minutes. Still not bad, all told, but not my favorite way to spend the day.

I just got back from the After Hours Pediatrician... a four year old with a wicked yeast infection and UTI. Trying to make her pee when she knows that it is going to hurt... then seeing a blood clot come out... I think the only thing that could top that for today's vaginal disorders is if my 15 month old daughter told us she was pregnant.

Thanks for the kind words ladies... I am finding myself more comforted by your company than by anything else! :)

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