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[QUOTE=mysmallwhite;3963907]what was the pap smear result says again?[/QUOTE]

Pap showed HGSIL, Colpo lead to two biopsies. One came back HGSIL and the other was LGSIL.

She didn't have the chart in front of me when she was talking to me. Which sounds completely dumb to me - why would you talk to a patient about something that could range from no biggie to potentially serious without having the chart in front of you????

Anyway, I don't feel like waiting for a fax so I'm just going to drop in when I get a chance. I'm a little nervous about it because I have a great relationship with everyone at my doctor's office and have never had an issue until now. For whatever reason, I am getting really vague answers about this and she was iffy about giving me the report. She has been very contradictory about this issue. The people who answer the phone just pass me off to a PA and the PA is confusing me to death. I love my doctor but he is hard to get to sometimes. I know that I have a right to the report, I just don't want to damage the relationship and make them think that I'm second guessing them.

Any suggestions on how I can approach this without creating tension? Maybe this is all in my head but I don't plan on leaving my doctor and I don't want to create an awkward situation.
Thanks ladies.

When I last spoke with him over the phone, this is the net:
He will take the HGSIL area ONLY and a minor area beyond the active infection, looking for that clear margin. He is aware of my desire to preserve my ability to carry a successful pregnancy and he is also of the school of pulling out the biggest concern and letting your body "attack" the rest. I don't know right now what he anticipates as far as the measurement of tissue to remove - I will ask.

The area where I'm getting annoyed/confused is and has been with his office people. He has been very forthcoming through this process but his staff seem to be disorganized. The third party pathology lab is where the vague diagnosis came from... I'm very tempted to call them and ask for a histologic classification, but maybe I'm beating a dead horse on that one. I'd also like to know what HPV strain(s) I have.

Thank you for all of the information - believe me it has been very helpful!!

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