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Hi everyone,
I have been reading a lot of the posts here and I haven't seen anyone post the issues I have been having. I would really like to know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.

I guess I will start at the beginning.

I had an abnormal pap when I went in for my first appointment after getting pregnant. The hospital scheduled me a colpo with in a few weeks. I was really scared but expecting it to be nothing. The midwife who did my colpo (now that I think about it seems odd that it wasn't a doctor) said that she saw a lot of the abnormal cell areas and was going to do a biopsy. She went on to explain that it is not a normal procedure to take a biopsy when you are pregnant but in my case she thought it was warranted. Now I was terrified! So the biopsy comes back high grade and they schedule me for a colpo 6 weeks after I give birth.

When I went back in for the follow up colpo,the intern interviewed me and said point blank "how many sexual partners have you had!? You know that this is related to promiscuity!" right in front of my husband! I was livid, literally seeing red I was so angry. For one that isn't something that my husband and I ever talked about and I can't believe that he would just say that with out first saying he had some private questions to ask me. Then he asked me to undress and was actually thinking I would let him look at my vagina after basically calling me a slut in front of my husband.

I may have been being emotional and over reacted, but I told him to leave and asked for the supervising doctor to do it. The doctor did the colpo (but had the a-hole intern come in and look) and he said he didn't see anything of concern; Intern said "what about that and that" Doctor said nope nothing to note, that I probably shed all the problem cells when I had my baby and not to worry about a thing. Whew what a relief! I called my family and we all celebrated. Dumb.

I didn't hear anything back for a week so I decided to call and follow up because I was having pain during sex...could have been still healing from the baby but it had been over 2 months so I was slightly concerned.

I kept calling and the people at the office had no idea what I was talking about or who I was, all they dealt with was OB issues. Um ob/GYN I had 2 colpos there???
10 days later I get an email forwarded to me from my husbands work email that was from the doctor saying I had sever pre-cancerous changes and I needed to have a LEEP as soon as possible. NO call from the doctor, nurse, anyone. They EMAILED IT TO MY HUSBAND AT WORK!!! I am still furious about this. My husband works for the government and has a highly monitored email system. Isn't this a violation of some privacy act or something?

Anyway I am getting off track.

I went in to have the LEEP but before hand I told them I was upset about the callous way they handled my feelings and privacy and that I was really anxious about the whole thing so could I please have something for my nerves or be put under. "OH no, it is a routine thing and you will be done in 5 minutes" "Don't worry about a thing!"

I did a lot of research and found a lot of people that said it was a no sweat thing so I said ok to the office location. Dumb.

My LEEP took over an hour, in stirrups. I had to listen to them chat to each other about how they couldn't get the bleeding to stop and how this had never happened in the 20 years that he had been doing these. I had to smell the burning of my flesh and it took so long that they had to numb me 3 different times because I could feel them cutting me. Thank god my husband was there to hold my hand and rub my legs while they worked or I would have been in hysterics.

When they finally got the bleeding to stop, the doctor said "okay, well sorry about that. You are all done." and left.
I was left there laying in my blood with no instructions on what to do next. I had to use baby wipes to clean myself up and get dressed. My husband hunted down the doctor in his office to ask if there were any post procedure things I should know.

Standard stuff, no sex for 4 weeks, have a regular pap in 6 months. See you later.

I fee really traumatized by this experience. They called to say that the margins were clean and not to worry about a thing. (Heard that one before) and that I probably didn't need to have another pap for a year, but I could do one in 6 months if I wanted.

So here it is 6 months later. I am going to see a new gyn for the first time tomorrow for the follow up. I am sick to my stomach about it because ever since my LEEP I have had cramping in my low pelvis and sometimes in my back. I have also been having trouble with my bowels, I can go for up to 2 weeks and not have a BM. Sex is often painful too.
Has anyone else had any of those physical symptoms after a LEEP? I am really afraid that this is much worse than they told me.

I have also been struggling with this emotionally. I feel in a sense, "dirty" because of the STD thing and I feel violated and afraid. This totally sucks. I am dreading my appointment tomorrow and the waiting for the results.

Have any of you had trouble with your LEEP or felt any of these same things (both physically and emotionally)?
Your doctor's office sounds pretty unprofessional.

Most LEEPs are quick and easy but occasionally someone will have hemorrhage or complications. That can't necessarily be blamed on the doctor without knowing more information about whether unforeseen difficulties arose in your specific case, or whether the doctor was somehow incompetent.

But the promiscuity comment was out of line for sure. Promiscuity increases the risk of acquiring STDs but as we all know, it can just take one time, too.

I think you need to mention your lingering symptoms to your doctor. Or find a new doctor. It's normal to have some pain or light bleeding for a few months after LEEP, but your symptoms sound extreme. Best to get looked at be sure everything is ok.

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