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I was researching anti-estrogen treatments of/for cervical and vaginal cancers. One thing I read said that the HPV vaccines (which target HPV 16 and HPV 18, and thereby about 70% of cervical cancers) probably won't impact the cervical cancer rates until 2040 or later. Wow. I guess that makes some sense. The girls who are 9 who are just now getting the vaccine will be 30ish in 2040. I know there will be some (hopefully significant) impact on the cervical/vaginal cancer rates prior to that since some of the women who are getting vaccinated are upwards of 26 years of age. But still. 2040 seems sooooo far away.

I just find that surprising. Had anyone else heard anything about this?

Sorry, I can't link because of linking guidelines.
Hopefully this means that scientists will continue to work on a therapudic vaccine! When the prevention vaccine first came out, I depressingly thought that those of us unlucky enough to be born late enough to take advantage of it would be chalked up to "lost causes" but hopefully this isn't the case.........

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