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I'm obviously not a doctor, but I will take a stab at this. If anyone else has any thoughts, please share!

"Endocervical columnar epithelium and disrupted fragments of squamous epithelium": I think that's just say cells are present to be analyzed. "columnar epithelium" is the glandular cells. "Squamous cells" are the other cells. (The same type of cells found in your mild dysplasia).

"Endocervical glandular atypia, significance uncertain": Okay, THIS is why your family doctor thought this was weird. "Endocervical glandular atypia" is thought by some people to be a precursor to adenocarcinoma in situ (AIS). Adenocarcinoma in situ is Stage 0 of glandular cell cervical cancer. "In situ" is also called Stage 0 because the cells have not gone outside the epithelial layer. AIS is not yet invasive, so it's a VERY early stage of cancer. Some think "Endocervical glandular atypia" is a stage before AIS.

We've had a discussion on this board about whether there is a precursor to AIS. It seems some people say yes, but some say there is no evidence that endocervical glandular atypia will lead to AIS. They say it's a benign condition and doesn't lead to cancer. But honestly, there's just not a lot of research on this issue!

"marked chronic cervicitis" just means that your cervix is inflamed. Could be from the dysplasia, but in itself, cervicitis isn't really a diagnosis.

Okay, I am so sticking to my first opinion. Go to a gyn/onc. An ob/gyn is going to have no idea how to deal with you. And no LEEP. No cryotherapy.

WOW! You have stumped me! Regardless of what this is, just know it's VERY early.

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