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To answer this thread's title, I'd say the colposcopy is necessary only if you want to know why you have been having a bad pap for 3 years and why your doctor recommended the LEEP 2 years ago, and want to know if the situation has gotten better or (God forbid) worse.

I would think that if you had bad paps for 3 years and they didn't improve, then there is a very good, medically necessary reason to investigate further.

I think of the colposcopy as a fancy pap. You get in the stirrups, the doctor puts in the speculum, swabs your cervix with a weak acidic solution, then looks at your cervix with the colposcope. If something show as abnormal, then the doctor will take a pinch/punch biopsy. If nothing shows up, then the doctor most likely may not take a biopsy. Mine didn't. At the same time, the doctor may want to do an ECC to swab the cervical canal. It is like a pap, but of the cervix. It is the only nonsurgical way to sample the tissue in the cervical canal.

To address your concern regarding the LEEP, there are women who go on to have babies after a LEEP. If the doctor feels there is a reason that your cervix won't hold the baby, then the doctor can do a procedure to close the cervix.

Personally, I can't believe I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year. I had NO symptoms and very few "risk factors". I am eternally grateful for my doctor sending me for the colpo and the gyno doing the ECC during my colposcopy. For those reasons, my cancer was detected early, treatment (especially compared to others with CC) was pretty simple, and I am cancer free.

Did you say you've scheduled your colpo? When is it?

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