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I am new here and was wondering what the prognosis is after having a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with microinvasive cerverical cancer cells. my story starts in 1995 after the birth of my 5th daughter. The dr. found sispicious cells and told me to be checked regularily. However I didn't take it seroiusly, and didn't have insurance so I didn't have reg. pap smears, although I did have three paps during 1995 and 2006. In 2006 the dr. said I had abnormal cells (HSIL/ HPV ) and I had a LEEP. The first 2 paps after that were OK, and then no insurance again so I did not return for over a year. I had abnormal bleeding (I was now 51 and thought it was related to menopause) and the results came back again HPV with squamous and glandular cells. The Dr. did Ultrasound, ECC and Colpo. after which he told he told me I had ovarian cyst, and 3 fibroids. The ECC showed "scant atypical metaplastic cells suspicious for High Grade Dysplasia." Cone biopsy was done in Jan. and they found "microinvasive squamous cell carcinoma arising out of Carconima in situ involving endocervical glands. Carcinoma in situ extensively involves endocervical glands and extends very close to the base of the excision. Carcinoma in-situ present at the endocervical margin of excision" Complete hystrectomy proformed Feb 24, 2009. Can anyone tell me what these repot findings mean? They were concerned about the fact that the cells were close to the margin of the incision. Since I had a complete hystrectomy, and the cells were in the cervical area, what are the chances that the cancer will come back? I don't see how since everything was removed, unless the cells can invade the vaginal wall. Or is in the lymph nodes? I go back to the Dr. for the first pap since on May 18th and I am beginning to get nervous about it. Wish me luck!

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