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Is it normal to have vaginal odor after leep procedure
I had an odor after my cold knife cone (and hysterectomy). *I* thought I smelled badly, but my husband didn't notice is (and I asked!). The explanation that I've read, that makes sense, is the tissue is healing and while it does it smells a bit. As long as your discharge isn't colored (beyond the black/brown from the Monsel's solution) and you aren't running a fever, then the odor is probably normal.

Just to check, call your doctor's nurse. Most likely it is normal, but it is best to check.

Otherwise, how are you feeling?
Yeah, you might want to get checked out just to be on the safe side. I had a faint yellow discharge a week after my LEEP and it turned out that I did have a slight infection. Better safe than sorry.
I didn't notice any odor after either my LEEP or my cone, but my dog sure was interested in smelling me! So, I guess something smelled different to him. (He's too cute, all worried about me. He likes to stick with me when I'm sick :p) Probably a slight odor isn't anything serious, but definitely get it checked out. If there is an infection, they can nip it in the bud.
A mild odor can be normal. A strong or disgusting odor is probably indicative of an infection and should be checked by a doctor.
my doctor told me to call if I had any odor because it is a sign of infection.
Just wanted to weigh in on this one. I had a LEEP done last month and for the first week I did have a [U]horrible[/U] odor. Not to be too gross, but it smelled like rotting vinegar to me, which I assumed was from the vinegar solution they use to highlight the bad areas, and then that combined with the monsel's solution. It wasn't an infection through and healed up just fine eventually. If you are running a fever, definitely call your doctor.
That's a good way to describe the odor I remember: rotting vinegar. It did pass within a week or two, though.
I did not have an infection but had a yucky smell for about a week or so. Within two weeks, I was back to normal. I had talked to a couple friends when I was going through it, and they described the same thing -- yucky odor that went away.
I had a horrible odor as well. In fact the odor was so strong I was embarrassed to leave my office and kept my door closed for a week after I started bleeding from my laser, which was a week after the laser. The smell (thankfully temporarily) "tainted" my vagina and vulva and perineal area as well, so even when I wasn't leaking blood/bodily fluids, I still smelled terrible around there without even trying to smell myself. But my odor wasn't a rotting vinegar...oddly, it was more like a rotting saliva, like copious amounts of rotting saliva. I think a mild or even moderate odor is normal but if accompanied by pelvic pain and/or fever, even low-grade, then to the doctor you go without delay.

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