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Did your doctor do an ECC during the colposcopy (where she saw what looked like warts in your canal)? I hope so. The previous endocervical cells diagnosis and whatever it is that she say should have been huge indicators that she should hav e done an ECC.

What did your doctor say was your next step. I would suspect you need to return at 3 ro 6 months, but it may depend on the doctor.

When is your next appointment?
hey, my next appt. is whenever I choose to make it. My doc. is my mom, she is a CNM, so she does all this for free for me. She said to get another pap in 6 months. There were endocervical cells present and sampled in the pap and they came back normal. So if they came back normal and the cervix is normal in the pap/colpo, is an ECC really nesessary??? Thanks
If your mother is a CNM, than she should know and have recommend strongly for you consult with a gyn to concur with her diagnosis. If you were my daughter, I think I would have already referred you to a gyn for further treatment. To answer your question is an ECC really that important--I think Pickle Eyes case would be a very good example of how important an ECC really is!!! Am I right Pickle Eyes???
Dmama, I don't recall what your pathology report said when it indicated endocervical cells. The wording on that can make a difference in what we (people who are not in the medical field, but have had personal experiences with the topics you are bringing up) suggest.

I strongly recommend the ECC to women who are: HPV positive, but don't have bad paps; are over 30 and are HPV positive; is sent for a colposcopy, and the colposocpy shows none or little exocervical problems.

Why? I had good paps, annually, for 25+ years. My first HPV test came back positive for high risk HPV. My colposcopy showed NO problems with my exocervix. The ECC is the ONLY thing that found that I had a problem in my cervical canal. My (first, and only . . . EVER) bad results from a gyn test showed "atypical glandular epithelial cells." Then I was sent for a cold knife cone biosy which diagnosed my cervical cancer. I have NEVER, even with the cancer diagnosis had a bad pap.

My gyn/onc told me, that with my pap history, if the gyn hadn't done the ECC, then the cancer would continue growing. At the point that my cancer was (invasive at 1mm), I would probably be symptomatic in one year. At that point, I *might* tell my doctor or I might chalk it up to the beginnings of menopause. At the point I became symptomatic my treatment (and prognosis) would have been VERY different. As it is, with a lesion that was less than 1 mm deep, I "only" had to have a hysterectomy to remove my cervix and uterus. Any deeper than that and I would have had to have a radical hyst and probably chemo and/or radiation.

Glandular cell dysplasia acts so differently from squamous cell dysplasia. They are more difficult to detect, grow more rapidly, and grow significantly more erratically than squamous cell dysplasia. It isn't something I would ever encourage a woman to put off, even for 6 months, if there is any indication of a problem.

So, that's why *I* strongly recommend an ECC. I realize my story is EXTREMELY rare. I also would never wish what I have been through on anyone. I hope that by campaigning so heavily for the ECC that at least one woman's endocervical problems are caught before they are symptomatic and have full blow cancer. I recommend the ECC (the only nonsurgical sampling of endocervical tissue) because I honestly believe it has saved my life. Period.

Of course, you have to make the best decisions about your body that you can, based on the information you have and the options you are given. I wish you peace in your decision.
I second what Pickle said above. I was diagnosed as hr hpv in May 2008, but had a normal pap and a normal uterine biopsy at that time as well. In Nov 2008 I had an abnormal pap, followed by a colposcopy and ECC. The biopsies from the colpo (taken from the exocervix) came back as AIS, or adenocarcinoma in situ, the highest level of precancer, BUT my ECC came back clean -- which one would think meant I didn't have cervical cancer. As a result of the AIS diagnosis I had a cold knife cold biopsy, which diagnosed me as having 5mm deep of invasive adenocarcinoma -- which put me at a stage of two more serious than Pickle -- and my ECC was clean.

I had to have a radical trachelectomy, and I was lucky that I qualified for it, so I only had most of my cervix removed so that I can still have children.

The point in all of this is I also had a 20 year history of clean paps and no problems, yet was suddenly diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer. After my hr hpv diagnosis I was told to do nothing more than to make sure I came in for my annual and had a repeat pap in a year, which would have been May 2009. I had absolutely no symptoms that would have worried me, and if I hadn't been seen for a possible miscarriage in Nov '08, I would not have ended up being diagnosed as early as I was, and would only have been finding out about my problem now.

So, although the ECC didn't diagnose my cancer, I would still strongly suggest it to anyone. It is a relatively minor procedure, and given the gravity of potential problems, it is well worth having one. Better to have such a relatively minor test and rule out, as much as one can, the possibility of anything else going on. Personally, knowing what I know now and having been through what I have, I would never, ever be satisfied with just a repeat pap in a year based on the results that you have now. But, that is just me.
[QUOTE=Pickle Eyes;3983695] I hope that by campaigning so heavily for the ECC that at least one woman's endocervical problems are caught before they are symptomatic and have full blow cancer.[/QUOTE]


I can vouch for you here! If I hadn't come on this board and read about your experience, I would have never asked the doctor to check my ECC results before performing my LEEP, and my AIS would probably have been completely missed! So, THANK YOU!!!!
I am another fan for the ECC!! I had an abnormal pap - my first one EVER and had a colpos and ECC. My colpos came back VERY mild however my ECC came back with an AIS diagnosis. If I wouldn't have had a bad pap - they would have never found the AIS. I am lucky. I immediately went to an obgyn oncologist who did a combination of a leep and top hat procedure and I was lucky to have clear margins. I go on Wednesday for my first pap AND ECC...again, because a pap will not often show AIS. I was lucky to have a cutting edge oncologist in my backyard who preserved my fertility. At worst case, it may be 5% harder to have children (I have none yet, but am trying!) and I may have to put a stitch in my cervix at the end stage of pregnancy. Point is...when caught early, it is very treatable. The ECC is NOTHING - just a minor pinch, so worth it to really know what is going on. Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now.

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