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Hi Wanda, to add to add to what Zoe said, the ECC is the only nonsurgical way to sample to tissue in the cervical canal. The cells in the cervical canal are different types of cells than the ones on the outer cervix (which is scraped during a pap and/or looked at during a colposcopy). I suspect if the doctor is going to do an ECC he/she will also do an ECC. Mine did. My exocervix looked fine, but the ECC is what found problems that I never knew I had (and I had regular paps for 25 years) and that surprised my doctors.

I suspect the doctor has reason to believe something could be going on in your cervical canal. This is the next best step for finding out what it is. Otherwise, the only other way to know what is going on in the canal is a LEEP or cold knife cone biopsy!

I agree with Zoe. I felt the ECC. Ok, I sat bold-upright, but I was so anxious and wasn't sure what to expect. It was over pretty quickly. I'm glad my doctor did it, even though it surprised me and was uncomfortable. I feel like the ECC saved my life!

If you have any questions, please write. Have you scheduled your ECC yet?

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