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[QUOTE=Pickle Eyes;3994103]I suggest you get another doctor. You don't feel comfortable with her and she can't answer fairly simple questions, so that is a good enough reason (in my book) to get another. Even if your doctor wasn't sure what the pathology report meant, she should have looked it up before she walked in the door to talk with you.

Every thing in your report seemed pretty straight forward and indicate mild dysplasia (CIN I). The only thing I didn't understand was this:

I don't know what that means.[/QUOTE]

Pickleeyes Thank you soooo much for your reply.

Yes thats what Im thinking, maybe I will change another more experienced family doctor.

As for the Colpo: Yes. ECC: No.
its becos I simplify the report. >_< sorry about this.
This is what was shown in the report:

1[COLOR="Red"]. Mild squamous dysplasia (CIN I) with koilocytic change
2. Benign endocervical glandular epithelioum.
3. Mild acute and chronic endocervicities[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Red"]Clinical history as approved by summitting physician:

G1 P0 LMP Apr 22/09 Cytology Class- Mod. atypia Cell Type: Squamous
Colposcopic Examincation Satisficatory: Yes ECC done: No

Specimens Receoved:

A: Cervix, Colposcopy

Gross Description:

received is a single Container labelled with the patient 's name "XXXX XX"(my name). and "cervix biospy". The consists of a single tan biospy fragment measuring approximately 5 mm. Submitted in-toto as A1.

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