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I have HSIL. I had a LEEP done on the 12th of March. Besides the fact that the hospital didn't inform me of long term dangers such as stenosis or cervical incomptenance, I haven't gotten ANY information back concerning the lesions that were removed (quadrants, size, etc).

After my LEEP I had no bleeding for 10 days. Then I bled for 10 days straight (heavy bleeding like a period). Then I didn't bleed for 2 days, then I bled for 2 days, then nothing for a week, then I bled again (still heavy, not spotting), then nothing, then bleeding.
You get the general idea.

I keep bleeding on and off.
I have woken up covered in blood from the waist down, bright red, and I haven't done any of the things that I was told not to do (no heavy lifting, no sex, no excercise).

I called the hospital after the first 10 days of bleeding and I was brushed off, I was told that it's normal to bleed.

But I have pain in my sides, above my hips.
She (doctor, nurse?) laughed it off and told me it's fine and it could last up to 6 weeks.

I went to see my gyno, but she was in and out, said that my scabs were way too soft for her to properly examine me and that I should continue my "pelvic rest" for another 3 weeks.
She was gone so quickly that I forgot to speak to her about the bleeding ( I know, I should have written my questions down, feel really stupid on that one).

That was a month ago.

I have been to the hospital, and was given coagulants for the bleeding, which helped for a week, but didn't stop the problem.

I have another appointment with my hospital next week wtih a different doctor, at which time I will get a copy of my file.

The fact that when I asked the doctors about stenosis and not being able to carry a future pregnancy to term, and they had NO IDEA as to what I was talking about worries me, and doesn't make me feel encouraged to go back to either.

I have been taking my birthcontrol non stop since my LEEP, so I am not having my period. When I spoke with the colposcopy department two weeks ago, they said that it is most likely the pill that is making me bleed, however this is not spotting, and I have previously taken my pill for 2-3 months at a time due to a trip and did not have this bleeding then.

Does anyone have any advice?

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