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Hi everyone...

I was diagnosed with high risk HPV back in 2005 and was seen regularly every 3-6 months for routine paps as some would come back normal and others would come back with low risk dysplasia. I had a few colposcopies done with biopsies and all would come back normal. At one point, my gyn did an ECC because of atypical endocervical glandular cells present on one of my pap results, but the ECC results showed "fragments of benign endocervix" .... that was about 2 years ago. My two paps this past year were normal, then the one in January 2009 came back "atypical endocervical dysplasia - favor neoplastic process" and since I am a full time student, the student health center was so upset about the result that they sent me to this gyn-oncologist, scaring me to death that I had cancer.

So.... I saw him twice now. He's ordered a bunch of tests, a pelvic/transvag US, an endometrial/uterine biopsy, another colposcopy and a few more biopsies... Just saw him on Tuesday and he tells me that the results definitely show adenocarcinoma in situ and that I need a cone biopsy. There were two methods he said he might use and wanted to wait till the results of the uterine biopsy came back to determine what method he'd use.

I don't even know what my questions are at this point.... but I think I just need a place to vent and I'm sorry that it's here, but I don't know where else to do it!

I am full of anger right now - that this crept upon me like it did. I hate that I thought I was finally free of getting abnormal results, thought my immune system was working against it, that it had "cleared up on its own" as it's sometimes known to do. Angry that I have the GLANDULAR cell abnormality, not the endocervical ones - easier to treat.... Angry toward men in general!!!! Feel like I've been punished for having sex, while they have no consequences like this to deal with at all - just go around infecting other unsuspecting women... I'm so tired of all these invasive procedures, scared that this will affect my ability to conceive one day and carry a child... Scared of having to explain all this to a prospective partner (I'm single right now...) and having him understand and not feel like I'm scarred (literally!) or damaged goods..

All that aside - is there anything I should ask this oncologist before I go ahead with this procedure? Can some of you tell me what the procedure is actually like? Will I need to stay off my feet for a few days? Have others had any trouble conceiving? Scar tissue issues?

To top all of this off, I'm starting a brand new job on June 8th and just had to tell my supervisor that I will need time to take off right away to have this procedure done... Nice first impression, right?

Sorry to be so angry, but I can't help it!!!
Hi again...

My doctor just called me yesterday regarding the results of my last colposcopy and uterine/endometrial biopsy and he said that the abnormalities are not as bad as he thought, which is a very good thing! :) I still have to have the CKC but I will be getting the lesser of the two surgeries. He told me that if I were older, he would opt for taking a much larger specimen, but since I wanted to preserve my fertility as much as possible he will do the more conservative one and then take it from there - as in there might be a possibility that I will need another one down the line at some point... I see him on Tuesday to schedule the surgery and I will ask about the other CKC option... Talk soon!!

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