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Jalite, I'm pleased and surprised your doctor was considering the trach. A lot of doctors are not yet offering that. I assume they haven't been trained in the procedure yet.

When it comes to recovery post CKC, let me tell you what I did.

I had my CKC on a Friday. I was there by 5:30 am and home by 11:30am. I slept most of that day, got up for dinner, surfed the web for about 30 minutes, then slept some more. I rested and watched movies and read on Saturday. Sunday, I went to the grocery store with hubby. He pushed the cart and carried groceries. I was a bit tired when I got home. On Monday I went to school (I teach middle school). I know I felt a little crampy, but not as bad as some periods (but I haven't had BAD cramps in years and years). I went to bed early that night and for the next few nights. I probably could have gone to work on Sunday, but alas, school isn't in session on Sundays! :grin:

If you are on your feet a lot, then you might see if you can get an extra day off for recovery before being up so much. Also, talk with your doctor's office for their recommendation. My doctor told me not to push anything heavy or lift anything heavy for several weeks (3-4?).

I know, after my CKC I had a discharge for about 7-10 days. It wasn't a lot. Just enough to need a light pad.

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