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Re: Nervous
Jun 5, 2009
Hi Lily,
Thanks for the reassurance!! I did just have a pap 6 months ago, my doc due to family history does a pap and breast exam on me every 6 months and has for a few years, even well befor my TC. I just love him, he is so careful and thorough with me. So, that is better news, a pap 6 months ago was normal, the HPV is negative. I did not know that the cin3 is easily treated and still not a cancer. Whew! Good to know.
I have another question for you experts...........
I have my period which started on wed. morn. she called with the abnormal results wed, and said I can't be on my period. She scheduled me for wed next week. Well, when I got home tonight there was a message on my recorder that they "may" be able to see me mon. morning if he gets done with a meeting. I am to call at 9am, and be ready if he is back to see him at 9:30, which would be GREAT, except, I will still be on my period! I wonder if she forgot......I would love to get it DONE with, but I also want him to be able to see wht he needs to see....It will be day 5, and I bleed for 7 days, my periods are very heavy, but sometimes, not so heavy by then??? What to do? Do you have to be completely done with your period? because then I won't be able to see him on Mon. Also, do you know how long it takes to get the results? I think she mentioned 5 days? sound right? see, then maybe I would know by next fri.......the sooner the better!! I am feeling so much better about this, and I thank you for helping!! With the 6 month pap, hpv neg. and even if it is high grade, still easily treatable........I can breathe again, I just don't want to hear the c word again! Thanks for your help!! I will also remember to ask for the ECC.

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