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Re: Nervous
Jun 6, 2009
Yep to what Pickle Eyes said about the meaning of "high."

"ASCUS to high" kinda makes me think maybe you pap result was ASC-H, but that's just my guess.

If you go to the Family Doctor wesite and search on "pap smear," you will find a good explaination of the different pap results.

ASCUS usually corresponds to a biopsy result of CIN 1, though a lot of doctors will do more testing to see exactly what it means. Some would do a colposcopy, but some would just have you repeat the pap in 3-6 months.

ASC-H means they cannot rule out high grade changes, and you should definitely get a colposcopy if your pap is ASC-H. Basically, it could be CIN 1, but it also might be CIN 3. But still, it's highly unlikely that's it's cancer.

If I were you, I'd ask for the exact pap result in medical terms.

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