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[QUOTE=ccfighter;4008603]Once the D&C came back cancer my Dr. sent me to the gyn/oncologist...We talked over everything and Had told me that me he doesn't like to call this cancer because mine was not invasive .. So He did the cone biopsy and when he did the surgery he then called it cancer ,because of how much he had to take out .. He told me he never had to remove that much cervix to get it all. I waited for the results which came back that they got it all. THat day in the office he told me sorry for not taking it so seriosly and that I would need to follow up in 3 months ( after healing ) to schedule the hysterectomy. I have a 20% chance of this coming back with in 1-3 years . They also told me that this is a jumping cancer and I did my research on this and that is what it says. Meaning that it can be in one place then be somewhere else they don't know about. So i'm happy they told me they got it all,but in the back of my mind I think it can still be in there.
I have been dealing will abnrmal pap for so long now. [/QUOTE]

Hi cc --I thought you had a thread of your own but guess I'm wrong. What I'm not understanding is you say you were diagnosed as having cc as a result of a D&C? If so, that doesn't fit with a diagnosis of non-invasive cancer. Do you mean you were diagnosed with AIS as a result of the CKC? You shouldn't have malignant adeno cells located in your uterus unless you have an invasive cancer, even taking into consideration the possibility of contamination during the D&C (meaning they pick up some malignant cells as they pass through the infected cervix as they are doing the D&C). Not to scare you, but if you indeed had malignant cells in your uterus, then that suggests you have a much more extensive problem than AIS (which is still a precancer), and I can't believe they want you to wait three months to have a hyst. Invasive cancer that's spread to the uterus needs to be addressed ASAP.

My other comment is if you *only* have AIS and you had clean margins on your CKC, (and anyone who regularly posts knows I am not in any way trying to downplay the severity of that diagnosis), then why is your doctor pushing you toward a hyst? I understand that you are done having children, but that's a major surgery, and I would think perhaps another large cone or a simple trach would be an option for you which will reduce your recovery time.

As for this being a "jumping" cancer, it's not that it can jump all over your body. Adenos and its precursor AIS can be sneaky and skip some layers of tissue, but it's not going to "jump" from your cervix into your uterus. Another lesion will generally be within a few millimeters of the original one (so if you have clean but very small margins, there is a possibility that something will have *just* been missed). However, 1cm (10mm) of clearance is generally considered a comfortable margin that nothing is missed, even when you are dealing with invasive cancer. So, seeing as a cervix is usually anywhere from 2.5 - 4 cm in length, even if you have a larger cone already, if you have clean margins, a repeat cone or simple trach should be able to get a significant enough sample that if there's no residual disease, you will be assured that nothing is missed.

Keep us posted on how you are doing and what else the doctor has to say!!

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