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Hello ladies! I'm 25 yo, no children yet and I was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in situ. (boy does this sound like an AA introduction LOL)

(Long, but there is a question in there, I promise ;))

After I got a C5 pap, my gynecologist performed a colposcopy which showed nothing. Thank heaven she immediately sent me to a gyn/onc for further examination. She performed a colposcopy as well, with only very slight changes visible, but certainly not as abnormal as my pap. She did a cervical biopsy (actually, she scraped off some cells), which showed at least CIN1, possibly more, but inconclusive. And she had me tested for HPV, which came back positive.

So she scheduled a LLETZ conization (and again thank heaven for that - I was so resentful of the cone until I got my results back), which was performed under general anesthesia on May 15. I got the biopsy results on Friday last week.

It's now almost a month since the conization and I've been experiencing pains in my lower back and abdomen, sometimes so strong it feels someone is stabbing me. Immediately after the cone I had very little pain, even less than my normal period. I mostly lay in bed the first week (like I was told to) and I took it easy the week after, but by then I was feeling completely fine. I had a normal period on the 27th, which was extremely painful.

Now all of a sudden I'm feeling weak, nauseaus, I'm having mild hot flashes and cramping, and sometimes, if I walk around too much, strong back/abdomen pain. I don't bleed, I have a slight yellowish discharge which my gyno told me was normal and could last up to 2 months after LLETZ.

What I'm wondering is whether this is normal, did I just overdo things or is this an indicator of something not going right. Does anyone have any similar experiences? What would you advise?

Just being here on this board helps. Thank you for sharing your stories and advice.

All the best,
Thank you for your fast replies!

Pickleeyes, yes the LLETZ diagnosed it. I have no idea what the next step is, apart from a follow-up appointemnt in November, at which point they'll do a pap smear and maybe a colposcopy. My regular ob/gyn told me that medically I am considered healthy at this point, since all of the AIS was removed. Common sense tells me it's not that simple. :rolleyes: I'll have to talk to the gyn/onc as my ob/gyn had never seen such a diagnosis before - meaning the AIS caught this early, with clear margins.

I guess they'll just go back to more frequent pap smears and take it from there depending on the results. I would like to have other tests done, like an endometrial biopsy just to be sure that everything's ok, but I'm not sure it's going to happen, healthcare being what it is.

I'm glad you guys had it easier after your cones. I was told to spend 1 week in bed and no sex for 6 weeks. I am amazed at other women getting the ok to walk around on day 3 :eek:. I'll try browsing through older posts for additional info. Thanks! I'll keep you posted.

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