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I had my first abnormal pap 6 months ago - LGSIL - and my gyno shrugged it off and said "don't worry." Had another abnormal pap, and then a colpo and biopsy 4 months later...still don't understand what's going on, and I'm crying and upset all the time :( Please please please, can anyone help me understand my results??

My biopsy results - "chronic inflammation, no CIN" on the sample taken from the outside of my cervix, where the gyno visually noted faint mosaicism. The ECC was "mostly unremarkable, with a small amount of CIN1" I am HPV positive, although I couldn't get my gyno to tell me what strain(s) (I had to beg for her even to do the test).

What does this mean? The gyno said maybe the ECC was contaminated with cells from the outside of the cervix...but she really isn't good at explaining. I am going to get a second Dr.s opinion, but what would you do/what have you done with CIN1? Do I have to have surgery? I can't find accurate statistics, and the doctor told me a bunch of conflicting information. I'm 23, btw.
So what type of follow up is your doctor recommending anyway?

CIN 1 is not always very concerning in your age group, but the fact that it was found on ECC is. Your doctor should never assume that ECC result was caused by cells that migrated. Perhaps you should take another posters advice and asks friends and their mothers what doctor they go to and if they like their doctor. Get all of your pap and colpo results and get a second opinion. Perhaps even a 2nd colpo or at least a second ECC.

It would not be unusual for your doctor to recommend a repeat colpo/ECC or even a repeat Pap/HPV with ECC in a year.

On several occasions I have seen women your age or younger have similar results, yet have a CKC and the results were moderate or severe dysplasia.

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