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It took me almost a month to get my biopsy results after my colposcopy! I called after about 2 1/2 weeks, and the doctor told me that she wanted to double check my results so she sent them back to pathology again. One of the biopsies came back CIN 1 and one came back CIN 2, so she wanted to make doubly sure it was really CIN 2 before recommending a LEEP. So in my case, the long wait time was not indicative of anything bad at all, just that my doctor was being cautious.

I also had it take like 6 weeks to get the results of my HIV and Hep C tests! I honestly had forgotten completely about them because I wasn't too worried about the results. My doctor had said they would mail the results, but it wasn't until I was on the phone talking with her about my biopsies that I remembered I had never gotten them. When she checked, they STILL were not in my file. The lab had completely neglected to send them to the doctor, so that's why I never got a letter. My doctor's office then called the lab and got the results, which were all fine.

If no one in your doctor's office know what's going on with the result, I suggest you ask them to call the lab and ask where your results are. While this delay definitely does NOT indicate anything bad, someone must know what's going on!
Colposcopy or pathology results are usually returned within a week. Cytology or pap results can sometimes take 3-4 weeks (even for normal results). At least that is the experience that I have had with ACL, Quest, and LabCorp.

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