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Re: Leep /cone
Jul 2, 2009
[QUOTE=Pickle Eyes;4027432]A LEEP is a type of cone biopsy. The other major type is a cold knife cone biopsy. May I ask what is leading your doctor to wanting to take a cone biopsy?[/QUOTE]
I had an abnormal Pap (ascus) in Dec and March, then a colposcopy in April that showed CIN 1 with HPV changes although the HPV test were negative at time of Pap for high risk hpv. Dr gave me the choice of waiting it out or doing a LEEP/cone.I decided to wait and do the PAP again in August and if still abnormal have the procedure done. I am 47 so I am not worried about having any more kids! I just don't like the stress of this hanging over my head. I did have an ECC done at the time of colpo, also cin1. ECC was normal in Dec when done during a uterine biospy.

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