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[QUOTE=happycows;4029968]Last year I had a positive HPV and a abnormal pap. I went through a bunch of test until they got to good cells at the leep. Well it is 4 months later and had a recheck HPV and pap. Well the HPV came back negative but the pap came back with atypical glandular cells. I had squamus cells last year and I was CIN 3. I am really concerned and just asked if instead of just doing the the colposcopy why cant we just do the leep again. My doctor says we need to start with the colposcopy first. Has anyone gone through this? I am about to turn 41. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Hi Happycows.

Do you know if your original abnormal pap was squamous cell or glandular? It could make a difference.

If I am reading your second sentence correctly, you had a LEEP with clear margins. That is great!

The atypical glandular cells are concerning, mostly because they are more difficult to sample and know what is going on with them. The only non-surgical way to sample them is with an ECC (endocervical curettage). I would think the doctor would do one of those when you have your next colpo.

The LEEP is more invasive than a colpo (with or without biopsy). It is prudent for your doctor to do the colpo (and hopefully an ECC) to determine the extent of any glandular involvement.

One thing to keep in mind, and to let your doctor know, is if you want to maintain your fertility.

I hope that helps. Have you scheduled your next colpo?

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