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Update - good news
Jul 8, 2009
Hi guys, I posted here a while back with CIN 1 - my story is two LGSIL paps, one colpo with negative biopsy and CIN1 endocervical currettage. My doctor at the time was very unsupportive, didn't help explain anything, and told me I needed a cone biopsy. I was beyond distraught.

Well, I went to a new doctor, and she was very reassuring! She said my results noted that the CIN1 was a type of cell from the outside of the cervix, so the original dr. should have known that my ECC was contaminated and not an actual positive ECC. My new doc also said that even if it was a positive ECC, CIN1 is absolutely no reason to have a procedure as drastic as a cone. I think she was kind of mad that this other doctor had said that to me! She said she wouldn't treat CIN1 at all, unless it persisted a long time and I felt like I needed a minor LEEP for peace of mind.

So, no surgery for me...just going to wait and see. My new doctor is going to cost more in copays, but I want to keep going to her because she is simply amazing - so supportive and really talked to me like a human being and explained everything I wanted to know, and made me feel like my life ISN'T over.

So to everyone frustrated by their doctor...don't settle for anything less than a communicative, respectful relationship with a doctor you can trust. It can make all the difference. I'm so glad that I didn't just take my old doctor's word for it, because I might have ended up having a drastic procedure I didn't need.

Now I feel like I can get my life back together and move on - monitoring this of course, but not feeling like I'm going to have to be chopped and diced or feeling paranoid about cancer looming right around the corner. For now, good diet, lots of exercise, and positive thinking is all the "treatment" I need, and hopefully this will resolve on its own, and even if it doesn't, I now have a doctor I can trust to take care of my health and if I need a procedure, I believe she'll go for what's minimally invasive instead of acting like cutting off half my cervix is meaningless!

Thank you for your support! Reading these health boards really helped me know more about my condition and what a typical treatment should be. (Once again, SO glad I didn't just trust my old doctor and get a cone - ouch)

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