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Jul 15, 2009
My PAP results came back with LGSIL. Is it likely for this to progress into HGSIL or even Cancer? I had my test done at my local health department. So i dont have a regular doctor. This was my first PAP because my mom refused to ever take me to a gynocologist because i had sex before she thought i was ready, so that was her punishment. So I am unsure of how long i have had this problem. Ive had sever period cramps since i was 9 years old, are the two related?? Now i dont know if i should be worried about LGSIL. I had an HPV test at the same time as my PAP and that came back negative. Is it possible the test was wrong and i do have HPV? I just dont know what to think of this whole situation. my boyfriend says it only low grade, so it probably isnt serious. but it could become serious right? Why do people just wait and see??? i Love kids, i always have. ever since i was 5 years old having kids of my own someday was one of my main goals in life. is there anything i can do about LGSIL now before it gets worse?? PLEASE HELP.

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