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Hi Estria -
Sorry to continue to bother you.

I was able to get copies of my Ultrasound & Endometrial Biopsy Reports.
My Endo Biopsy states:

- Probable Endometrial Polyp
- Inactive Endometrium

I understand Probable Polyp means they believe there are additional polyps to be found. What does Inactive Endometrium mean? Doesn't this come when you are hitting menopause? I'm 38 - seems a little early.

My TV Ultrasound showed - slightly bigger Simple Ovarian Cyst (3.8cm) like she stated. It also states;
- Uterus measures 7.6 x 3.9 x 6.3 cm - and is slightly heterogeneous - What does Heterogeneous mean? Also states my Endometrial stripe is also slightly heterogeneous.

thanks for all your help - I searched the internet, but I am guess I am not looking in the correct areas.

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