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Hi - I keep having postmen cysts on my ovaries both sides that come and go. They showed last on a 7-7-09 CTSCAN and now not there last week on a TVU. My CA-125 is normal but 7-7-09 said I had moderately enlarged ovaries. My GM, MOM, Sis all OVarian Cancer. SIS only survivor. I have had lower back pain, pelvic pressure and bloating, and on and off showing pains thru my lower pelvic area/bone. ALso continuous pain on left hip and thigh area. I think I am nuts. The pain has been there for 1.5 years but reports keep contradicting each other. I am scheduled for a Total bilateral hysterectomy, ovary removal but the GYN/ONC does not think there is anything really wrong. ANYONE out there that can relate PLEASE help me understand all this. Why am I getting cysts - 15 month since last period. Thank you all so very very kindly. - Confusedkathy :confused

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