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I had an abnormal pap smear in March which interpreated it as moderate squamous dysplasia.
Then I was scheduled for a Colpo on May 14. They did a Colpospic exam on me and also did a biopsy.
Here is the report back from the Colpo and Biopsy:
[COLOR="red"]1. Mild squamous dysplasia (CIN I) with koilocytic change
2. Benign endocervical glandular epithelioum.
3. Mild acute and chronic endocervicities[/COLOR]
I asked my family dr. she said I should do the follow up pap in 6 month,

Now just today, 3 month after, Sep 2. when I went to my family dr. for a normal check up, the nurse looked up my profile and told me that I should go for a LEEP. and family dr. showed me another piece of paper which also issued in May( they did NOT show me that paper when I visit for the Colpo report).
It shows the gene's comment:
[COLOR="Red"]Colposcopic examination revealed an area of atypical whitened epithelium involving the anterior lip of the cervix. Directed biopsy revealed mild dysplasia.
In view of the discrepency between Pap smear , colposcopic and pathology findings, a diagnostic LEEP excision is recommended.[/COLOR]

Now, I understand he send me for a LEEP because of the discrepency between pap, colpo and biopsy. but why??? Isnt biopsy the most accurate method to review how the cells grow? Isnt pap smear just a screening method?

I live in Vancouver, Canada. I guess no HPV test is done here.

I am 27 years old, not married, no kids and would love to have kids in the future.
I am in a delima right now, I really dont want to do LEEP. so afraid...

Anyone here who has been suffered a LEEP procedure could answer me several questions?
1. how many days the pain would last for?
2. how many days would the bleeding would last?( excluding the MC part)
3. Compared to Colpo, how much more pain is LEEP?
4. Would a LEEP preocdure affect my future pregnancy or result in miscarriage?

Thank you soooo much for all girls here~! Any suggestion is much appreciated~!
I have been refered to talk to gynecologist on Sep17.
They said after talking with the gynecologist, he will arrange me for a LEEP.

Actually the LEEP excision recommendation was made by the Gynecologist.
His main cocern is the discrepency between the Pap smere, Colpo Impression, and the biopsy result.

The Colposcopy Short Stay Form shows:
Colposcopic Impression: Dysplasia- Moderate
Colposcopic Biopsy: Dysplasia- Mild (Squamous)
Colposcopic Evaluation: Squamous
Recommendations: LEEP

So I figure the Colposcopic Impression means what he has seen under microscope looks like moderate dysplasia? Is that right?

Then what the biopsy shows is just mild dysplasia.

So I am guessing he is just to be conservative to recommend me for a LEEP?

Again this is just a guess.

But I think if he strongly recommend me to go for a LEEP then I would do that, I dont want to put my life on a risk.

According to Lily, I guess the bleeding or cramping time will be significantly related to how big of tissue he removed. When I did the Colpo, the gyn put a tampon inside and asked me to change it every 2 hours. but guess what?
when I took the tampon out after 2 hours, there already no more bleeding.
and the cramping is ok for me, totally toleeable, and I went back to work the next
day. I hope LEEp will be as easy as Colpo... praying

As for my family part, thanks to Lily's advice, I think I am going to just hide it.
Before I was worried if I could die on the surgery bed. >_<

Oh another question. Does the anaesthetic for whole body? I thought only my cervix needs to be numb? but the family dr. told me its for whole body.

and how long I will wake up from the anaesthetic ? hopefully wont take more than 1 day... ><

Thanks to Lily, I am now clarified with normal thinking.
and Pickleeyes too, thank you dear girls all on this board!!!

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