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I think you might need another opinion froma gynecologist. I'm not really sure why the doctor would recommend a LEEP from CIN 1. And, like you said, the biopsy is the more accurate method, so I would think a doctor would be more likely to trust those results.

As for the LEEP, it really wasn't a big deal at all for me. I seriously could have have gone back to a normal day afterward. I had very slight cramping for a few hours, and that was it. I only bled for maybe 1/2 hour afterward. I used pads, but the only one that actually had blood on it was the one I put on right after the procedure. I found the LEEP easier than the colposcopy.

As for your family, I honestly think it would be pretty easy just not to tell them about it. If you don't feel well, you could just say you have cramps, which will probably be accurate!

The stats are that LEEP increases your risk of preterm birth slightly, from 4% to 6%. However, I think the risk is dependant on how your cervix is to begin with, and how much they remove during the LEEP. I have seen several studies that show that if they remove less than 1cm, the LEEP does NOT increase the chance of preterm birth.

I had a very concervative LEEP . . . they only removed 2mm! The tissue was like the size of a dime, folded in half. I seriously can't even imagine that would have cause me to have any problems during pregnancy.

So I guess what I'm saying is that you don't have a bad option. You could not have a LEEP and just have follow ups, or you could have a LEEP and just tell the doctor to be super conservative.

Personally, I would get yourself to a gynecologist and what she says. The only time I've ever heard of a LEEP for CIN 1 is in older women who are finished having kids. I bet the gynecologist tells you that you don't need a LEEP at all.

Good luck!

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