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Re: Loop excision
Sep 7, 2009
Hi there,
They should of told you on the phone why they wanted you to come back & what that means....grr I hate it when they do that.

Depends why you had the leep in the first place, sounds like the margins were not clear so they need to do further testing or it is AIS so they want to discuss further options.

My story was/is, 4 yrs ago I had abnormal pap, did repeat abnormal, colposcopy abnormal, then leep which showed adenocarcinma in situ (stage 0 or really bad pre-cancer...depends who you talk to).....then had a cone biopsy.

Best of luck to you. Main thing to remember is if you are getting regular paps it has been caught early. Also, don't read too much on Internet you will go crazy...been there done that!!!

And if too much anxiety, one word LEXAPRO, LOL....great drug!!!!

Hope all is well keep us posted, you will be fine...

One word of advise, be your own advocate and have copies of all of you pathology reports sent to you, doctors do not share everything with you!!!!! Those are your records and you are entitled to them.

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