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I know this has been discussed a little before but I wanted to go over it again. My grandmother, 88, had a small amount of blood on her toilet paper when she wiped on Friday. She says it was definitely vaginal. Ever since then she has been bloated and feeling as if she is on her period. She has had pelvic pain like cramping almost. She has had this happen once before about a year ago and i took her to the Gynecologist. They did an in office biopsy (don't EVER do that!!) and it was inconclusive. I think they could not get enough tissue. she had an ultrasound and they could not visualize her ovaries. The endometrium they said was very thin. Could uterine atrophy cause this problem? She is also a breast cancer survivor from 1970. Her mom, sister, and neice have all had breast cancer and her other sister ovarian cancer in her early 80's. She is at huge risk for uterine and ovarian cancer. I am going to take her to a really good Gynecologist but she will be a new patient and he is sometimes really booked and I am afraid it will take a while to get into him. Advill is not even helping her pain much so watching her be bloated and suffering is not very easy. You just want to scoop them up and take them to the ER and have them FIX it!!

Anyone have experience with this???
Be sure and tell the person who makes the appointments that she is in a great deal of pain so that maybe they will get her in sooner. If she can't get in soon and she is in that much pain, I would take her to the ER. I wouldn't mess around with someone 88 years old.

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