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So, I went for my actual six-month follow-up with Dr. Cuckoo on Friday. This time the equipment was actually working. They also had a camera hooked up to the scope and I was able to see what the doctor was looking at on the monitor. I could see that there were a few scarred areas on my cervix from the LEEP -- yuck. Anyway, he applied the iodine solution and no dysplasia appeared on the ectocervix -- fingers crossed that the canal will be fine as well.

They took about six pictures of my cervix that they sent me home with. Not exactly something I'm going to use as my next Facebook profile pic. Oh -- and the doctor told me afterward that he only used the brush in my canal -- something about how he couldn't do an ECC during a colpo, which makes no sense. I'm guessing though that the brush should be able to pull anything out that might be a problem.

Hoping to get my results by Thursday. Unfortunately, he refused to do an hpv test, but I'm hoping that that has remained negative and I'll find a doctor for December that will do it for me.

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