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Re: Cone Biopsy
Sep 14, 2009
[QUOTE=ebengtson;4077509]I worried so much over the LEEP (how much it would hurt, recovery, etc) and it wasn't bad at all, so I keep reminding myself of that when I worry about the CKC. I do have my mother coming out to take care of my kids for about a week after the surgery, so I won't have to worry about pushing myself too hard.[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure about the period quetion, but I did want to chime and say you have nothing to worry about with the CKC. I did have some cramping for a couple of days afterward, but nothing I couldn't handle.

After surgery, the nurse told me to just keep taking my prescribed pain meds (Percocet) along with ibuprofen every 4 hours whether I was having pain or not. She said it's much easier to prevent pain from coming than to stop it. So that's what I did, though I'm not sure it was necessary. Still, I definitely think you should make sure the doctor prescribes you something, just in case.

It's good your mother is coming. I was FREAKING OUT before my CKC, and after it was over I just felt so drained from all the emotion. I took 3 days off work, and even though I didn't need all that recovery time, I needed a rest!

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