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[COLOR="Purple"]Hi everyone, to introduce myself, I've just turned 25, finished school, found a great boyfriend, and have been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia (HGSIL). In 2/2009, my gynecologist found an abnormal pap (LGSIL) and in 5/2009, HGSIL was found through a couple of biopsies. In order to remove the abnormal cells, my doctor recommended the LEEP, and I, eager to fight this pre-cancer, agreed and started the process for scheduling the surgery. I was informed that it would take 6 weeks before the surgery could be done due to an anesthesia consult, processing, insurance checks, etc. In the interim, I read up on a procedure called laser ablation and found that it is the procedure with the least future pregnancy complications and quickest healing time. I was upset that my doctor didnt even mention this procedure as an option as I had asked for all the surgery options. I ended up canceling my LEEP procedure and attempted to find a doctor who performed the laser ablation, however that has been hard. Ive been trying to find a doc at John Hopkins who does it however I havent had any luck. Many do not perform that surgery and specialize in the LEEPS, cryosurgeries, or cone knifes. After reading back over this site however, I see where many people have had the LEEP done without many problems, so I am wondering if I should try to have the LEEP done instead since its so hard to find a laser ablation specialist.

I had a few questions...since it has been about 7 months since I found out about the abnormal cells, is there a good chance that it may have gotten worse?

Also, I read in someone's else's post that they'd heard bad things about the laser ablation, but she didnt comment too much on it. I cant find anything bad about it besides a lack of tissue sample to examine after the surgery. What are the cons associated with laser ablation? Do you think that the cons are worth increased fertility? Im very young and having children and a family has always been one of my biggest dreams for my future.

Im pretty nervous about this and am afraid that I will make the wrong decision or have waited too long to get this done. Please help :) I've been pretty positive about it for the past few months but now I am starting to get anxious and a little afraid...[/COLOR]

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