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[QUOTE=brieaukirsch;4093591]I don't quite understand the grading system your country uses, but I think it is time for a type specific test. If I remember correctly you initially had hpv 58, but things may have changed since. You want to know if you are infected with a new strain, or if it is a true reactivation of a strain previously gone dormant. Have you been with the same partner? Have you been using condoms after your laser? I would be asking more questions of the doctor. I'm not sure what the minimum time to wait in between paps is, but it seems that 3 weeks would be ok? It doesn't make any sense that two March tests would show different results and now this. Keep us posted on your results.[/QUOTE]

Thank you very much for u reply !
The doctor make today a new hpv test .I dont change my partner i am with him from 2006.
I really dont understand how my oncologyst miss the dysplasia to the colposcopy....ufff
All the hpv test after the surgery was negative and if this one will comeback positive means i get reinfected

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