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Ok, so I called my DR yesterday and told her my symptoms that I've been having for the better part of a year and a half now (heavy periods, bleeding between periods and after sex, excessive discharge with no odor, and pelvic pain). I am scheduled to do a leep for CIN III biopsy results in 2 weeks. She told me that I probably have a bacterial infection, and that could be why my biopsy results came back bad. I don't get it. First of all I don't think my symptoms are similar to that of a bacterial infection. Also I don't understand how they can confuse CIN III with a bacterial infection on a biopsy. Wouldn't a bacterial infection have shown up on one of the three papsmears or three colposcopy and biopsies they have taken over the last 18 months? I'm so she just took my symptoms and threw them out the window because "severe dysplasia usually doesn't have symptoms". Any opinions?

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