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Hi everyone, When I was 19 I had a PAP come back abnormal and was sent for a colposcopy and biopsy because they told me I had HPV but it was no big deal because the biopsy came back fine. I went for repeat paps for 1 year all normal. At 22 I underwent infertility treatments and conceived my son. At my 6 week appt after I had my son they did a pap and it came back normal.(my son was born via c section after being 2 weeks late I dont know if this is relevant or not) In sept I went for my anuual PAP and a month later they called and said it came back abnormal and I was scheduled for a colposcopy and biopsy again this time with my ob/gyn. He said during the coplop/biospy that don't worry you don't have a disease and you don't have cancer. How could he tell just by looking? I have severe anxiety that I am not medicated for at this time because my insurance is difficult to find a dr that will prescribe me xanax(I was on when I was 19 only for anxiety attacks not regualr basis by my regular dr. who my insurance no longer accepts and my new dr I only am avail to see her nurse and she is "uncomfortable prescribing anxiety medications" and she keeps giving me meds for depression which doesn't help with anxiety...

Anyways after my colposcopy my dr scheduled a 3 week appt to go over the results and a week before my appt they called me all in panic that I had to be seen that day. So panic set in and I had to wait for my 4:15 appt which they didn't see me till 4:45. He told me that it came back with HSIL CIN 3 and that it is the closest to cancer without yet being cancer. He spent very little time with me 8 mins max, and scheduled me for a LEEP procedure. He said there is no risk to my fertility and its very fast easy blah blah blah that it was no big deal. mean while im crying and my husband explained about the anxiety i have been having over this and how I couldn't get a doctor who prescribes anxiety meds and he only suggested some other gen prac dr. that doesn;t accept my ins. Are ob/gyn's not allowed to prescibe anxiety meds? Also any advice or info you have about the LEEP and what to expect would be helpful. Sorry so long and frantic sounding but I am literally freaking out! LEEP is going to be done on 11/2. Thanks for any advice!

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